The School of Sleep Medicine, Inc.

The School of Sleep Medicine,Inc



Educating the Sleep Community since 1989

In 1979, Sharon Keenan joined Christian Guilleminault and Willam Dement's internationally recognized team at the Stanford University Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Center. The Stanford team was instrumental in the accumulation of basic science and clinical sleep research, which ignited a rapid rise in awareness of sleep disorders. National and international scholars frequented Stanford to learn from Dement and his colleagues, including such notable figures as  Merrill Mitler, Vincent Zarcone,  Laughton Miles, Elliot Weitzman and Elio Lugaresi.

It became evident that courses had to be organized in order to manage the increasing demand for information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. By 1982, Mary Carskadon, Dement, and Keenan had begun organizing courses for physicians and technologists. Their work culminated in the creation of The Stanford University Sleep Disorders Center Training and Education Program, with Keenan as director.

Keenan was responsible for managing the training for technologists, physicians  and fellows within the sleep center, as well as organizing a series of two-week courses each year, attended by colleagues from around the world and throughout the US.  Keenan remained director until the university closed the program in 1989. At that time, it was practically the lone source of systematic education in sleep medicine. Dement, Guilleminault, and the late German Nino-Murcia encouraged Keenan to keep the program alive.

In 1989, she established an independent program dedicated to education in sleep medicine and clinical polysomnography.  Administrative offices were set up in Keenan’s garage in Palo Alto, and teaching continued in local hotels and on the Stanford campus through the Summer Conference Office. In 1992, the school  settled on Yale Street and in 1995 moved to Sheridan Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, until 2018.

In 1997, SSM incorporated and a year later became a member of the newly formed, and now historic, Stanford University Center of Excellence for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders. Now, there is a Division of Sleep Medicine within the Medical School at Stanford. SSM, Inc. is an independent entity but we continued to be graced by the participation of our Stanford colleagues as faculty for our courses. And, Dr. Keenan has an adjunct faculty appointment with the university.

The School of Sleep Medicine, Inc. office is currently in La Honda, California.

The SSM faculty comprises renowned physicians, scientists, and technologists. SSM has set a high standard for continuing medical education in sleep medicine and has contributed to the growth of the clinical specialty. As of 2009, there were more than 3400 American Board of Sleep Medicine -certified sleep medicine specialists, most of which are SSM alumni. Now exams for certification for physicians are provided by the American Board of Internal Medicine and  the World Sleep Society.