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The School of Sleep Medicine, Inc.™


Worldwide, billions suffer from inadequate or disturbed sleep. In record numbers, adults and children are seeking help. Sleep is a critical factor in overall health and well being, performance and productivity. The earlier this recognition, the greater chance for greatest impact. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, practical, review of normal sleep and sleep disorders across the life span. We review diagnostic tools, treatment options and long term needs for patients and families.

Those who suffer sleep disorders and consequences of insufficient sleep need our attention. Medical education is lacking with regard to sleep. Become an informed source of light to shed on ignorance. We all must act locally to decrease and ideally, prevent unnecessary suffering.

Our Mission

The School of Sleep Medicine, Inc.™ (SSM) was founded to provide high quality continuing education for the medical community worldwide. Our purpose is to increase awareness among physicians and other health care professionals of the nature and treatment of sleep disorders. To accomplish this, SSM offers live courses and visiting scholar opportunites in clinical polysomnography and sleep medicine. We provide the necessary knowledge base to enable effective evaluation, appropriate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of sleep disorders.

Our mission is to create an increased awareness about the importance of sleep throughout medicine, health care practice and the public. Our mission includes demanding recognition of the profound physiologic impact of healthy sleep throughout the life span and promoting an awakening to the stunning consequences of sleep loss. We teach anyone who will listen.


Course Schedule

Clinical Polysomnography and Sleep Medicine
Toronto | May 20-23, 2020

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